Scuba Lessons

Open Water Course

All of our courses are private instruction  and designed around your schedule and availability.

Our open water course provides online learning, 2 or 3 pool training sessions and 2 days at the ocean to complete 4 scuba dives.  One of these days is aboard a local dive boat to the Channel Islands.

The cost is $1300 - this includes the cost of the online course, scuba gear used during the course and the boat trip to the Channel Islands.

Advanced Diver Course

Complete 5 additional dives - Deep and Navigation plus 3 other training dives of your choice - Night Dive, Fish ID & Photo/Video are just a few you can choose from.  Our course includes 2 days aboard a local dive boat.

The cost is $1300 and covers the cost of materials and two days aboard the dive boat.  Sign up with a friend and you both receive a 10% discount.  Class is taught private - one on one or with you and your buddy.

Refresher Course

Haven't been diving in awhile or getting ready to dive abroad?  We offer a pool only refresher or pool plus ocean refresher.  Call to discuss which best fits your needs.

Pool only refresher is $199

Dry Suit Certification

Diving California year round can be greatly enhanced by learning to dive in a drysuit, you can be warm and toasty in 50 degree water.

Learn to dive in the drysuit that you will be using after you're done with the training course.  Our course includes your own Apollo Bio Dry Drysuit training materials and a day aboard a local dive boat to complete your training.  $2500

Other Courses

We provide many other courses as well - just ask.  Navigation specialty?  Night diving specialty?  Rescue Diver?